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TÜNKERS Autofocus | ReUse and ReTooling | EXPERT drum systems | Added value on conveyors

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Nut Welding Unit | TOS One Screw System | Product Finder Mini Clamps | TÜNKERS C-frame in use | Safety pin SA 40 V

The complete system from TÜNKERS NIMAK.
Medium-frequency converter, multi-force cylinder, pneumatic unit, cooling water system, feeding unit, C-frame - all from a single source.


Product Finder Vario Clamps | Competence for battery assembly | TMG 50 Magnetic Gripper | Turntable and Toolframe from one source | "TÜNKERS Body-in-White Club"

With just a few clicks to the specific item number, data sheets, step files and into our online shop..


TÜNKERS Symposium Part 6

In our last Symposium TV episode we presented some innovations and new products from TÜNKERS. Check out the full episode here:


TÜNKERS Configurator for Underbody Clamp KN-60-UZ | Online Ordering for Clamp Repair and Seal Kits | EXPERT – The 8th Axis for the Robot | Slip Ring ETSR2020 | NIMAK twinWELD | customer magazine AutoFocus

Configure your centring pin online in just a few seconds and download the step file. Centring pin variant, pin diameter, support height, sheet type and thickness - all selected with a mouse click! This saves you time in design and order processing.